The Succession of the British Monarchy

My final task at the University of Minnesota was to complete a thesis project on a subject of my choice. I choose to try and explain the succession patterns of the British Monarchy. It was interesting because it was complicated and long lasting, a fascinating topic to research.

The thesis program is divided into two parts: writing and exhibition. During the first semester, I spent time reading several books, and using online family trees to understand how the succesion worked. I also endeavored to learn more about the women that are forgotten in the passing of time. Women who had an important impact on the path of the monarchy. The culmination of this research was a paper, or more accurately two papers, that I transformed into a book. This transformation allowed for me to begin thinking about my design decisions that would eventually be applied to my final project.

The second semester was spent creating a thesis project which used this research as a base. While my project veered away from a strictly female filter, the information learned during the writing semester did not go to waste. A combination of image creation and html/css/jquery coding created this site. Using the design skills that I'd spent the previous four years learning, I attempted to create a site which organizes these historical figures into an easily understandable fashion. I used color to unify countries, dynasties, and family succession. I also made sure to include information about my design decisions, and my learning process on the help page of the website. I recommend going there to learn more. I created a site that allows you to trace lineages across dynasties, to understand relationships that allowed for succession, and gives concise information about each monarch.

This long term project may be a work in progress but something I'm incredibly proud of. Thank you for taking a look.

the Site the Book