ᛋᚻᚼ ᛄᛛᛟ ᛅᛔᛦᛯᛃᛂᚻᛛᛕ

ᚯᚵᚾᛆᚿ ᚫᚥᛑᛝ ᛨᛩᛩᛛᛊᛃ ᚻᚼ ᚵᚶᚾᛋᛊᚺᛝᛏᛐ ᛅᛔᛦᛯ ᛥᛯᛌᛏᛐ ᚿᚸᚱ ᚱᚮᚯᚣ ᚣ ᚪᚫᛎ ᛈᚷ ᚪᚸᛔᛜᛒ ᛓᚠᚡ ᚿᛇᚾ ᚰᛛᛜᛞ ᛜᛛᛜ ᛄ ᚶᚱᛇ ᚤᚫᚸᛇᛖᛗᛯᛮᛮᛥ.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

An animated Ebook

Alice's adventures are whimsical and fantastical. This book design combines readability and whimsy to capture the themes of the subject matter.

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[Throbbing] Members Only

A podcast by non-experts for non-experts

An all inclusive branding project incorporating a logo, website, and various related assets. Embracing innuendo to create an identity uniquely appropriate for the intimate topics discussed.

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A non-alcoholic beverage

Designed to capture the joyfulness of celebrating. Appealing to a wide age range with both fun and sophistication.

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Social Care Client Plan

ᛋᛄᛛᛟᛃᛂᚻ ᚵᚶᚾᛋ ᛊᚺᛝᛏᛐᛛᛕ

ᚵᚶᚾᛋᛊᚺᛝᛏᛐ ᚯᚵᚾᛆᚿ ᚫᚥᛑᛝ ᛨᛩᛩᛛᛊᛃ ᚻᚼᛅᛔᛦᛯ ᛜᛛᛜ ᛄ ᚿᚸᚱ ᚱᚮᚯᚣ ᚣ ᚪᚫᛎ ᛈᚷ ᚪᚸᛔᛜᛒ ᛓᚠᚡ ᚿᛇᚾ ᚰᛛᛜᛞ ᚶᚱᛇ ᚤᚫᚸᛇᛖ ᛥᛯᛌᛏᛐᛗᛯᛮᛮᛥ.

The Peacock School of Highland Dance

A non-profit dance school

Incorporating the founder's unique personality into the rich history of Scottish Highland dance to create a brand identity across multiple media types with functional assets.

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The Succesion of the British Monarchy

Unraveling the complexity of a topic close to my nerdy heart, the relationships between monarchs in the UK. A website showcasing a timeline and a family tree.

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Express Dispo

ᛋᛄᛛᛟᛃᛂᚻ ᚵᚶᚾᛋ ᛊᚺᛝᛏᛐᛛᛕ

ᚵᚶᚾᛋᛊ ᚣᚪᚫᛎᚺᛝᛏᛐ ᚯᚵ ᚫᚥᛑᛝ ᚿᛇᚾ ᚰᛛᛜᛞ ᛨᛩᛩᛛᚾᛆᚿᛊᛃ ᚻᚼᛅᛔᛦᛯ ᛄ ᚿᚸᚱ ᚱᚮᚯᚣ ᚣᚪᚫᛎ ᛈᚷ ᚪᚸᛔᛜᛒ ᛓᚠᚡ ᚶᚱᛇ ᚤᚫᚸᛇᛖ ᛜᛛᛜ ᛥᛯᛌᛏᛐᛗᛯᛮᛮᛥ.